Arizona Biographies
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So you're interested in coordinating a county page for Arizona Biographies....
Here are the requirements for all CC's,
please read this entire page before e-mailing me:

  1. Links to the following must be on every County site:

          Arizona Biographies
          US Biographies
          Arizona Biographies Submission Guidelines
          State Coordinators E-mail, that's me!

  2. You must maintain a Volunteer list.

  3. You must maintain a list of books being used.

  4. Arizona Biographies logo must be posted somewhere on the first page of your site.

  5. US Biographies currently has no Logo, until they do one of the US Biographies logos posted at Indiana Biographies must also be posted.

  6. The first paragraph on the sample page must be displayed somewhere at the county site.

  7. You must subscribe to ARIZONA_ BIO-L mailing list this is where you let me know what new biographies you have added to your site and where other announcements are made.

  8. When you have added new biographies to your site, you need to post a message to the Arizona_ Bio-L mailing list so that I can keep the state bios index current.

  9. For information on how to post biographies see Submitting Biographies for more information.

Other than the requirements listed above, this is your site to do with as you please!

One note: All biographies posted to any county site will be copied and archived by Indiana Biographies. This is needed to insure that all biographies will be freely available to everyone for a very long time!

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